I think we ought to start our life old. And we have all the pain, and we’re feeble. And we look at our friends, and they’re feeble, they’re 100. But every day we get younger, and we have something to look forward to. No need to kill yourself, there’s hope. And then when you reach 20, 19, 12, 10…every day is really a new day. And it’s really a miracle. And then you’re a baby, and you don’t know your life is ending, you just suck on your mother’s tit and then you die… Shining - The Eerie Cold (via daylight-obsession) 11 notes
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Satyricon - Phoenix [x]

Ok, I’m gonna marry this guy right now

Well ,then you better get in line. It’s a long one. :DDD

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Fenriz of DARKTHRONE - Soluzen zine, from the mid 90’s